The Edge of the Cliff

Bubble rock in Acadia National Park has been sitting seemingly ready to tip off the edge for hundreds possibly thousands of years. It has sat immovable through major storms as well as millions of tourists attempting to push it off.

It looks precarious, but it has sat there for so long because it it perfectly balanced on the edge.

Our lives are similar to a rock sitting on the edge of cliff except we aren’t always so well balanced.

We have all our insecurities, anxiety, worry, stress, bad circumstances, difficult relationships pulling us over, trying to crash us down into the darkest valley.

Combating all the negatives to keep us on the cliff edge is our reliance on God, relationships that build us up, positive self talk.

I know in my own life I keep crashing over the edge. I stress over mistakes I made, worry about my patients, fear that I am not capable of being a good vet, insecurity that I make everyone’s life worse instead of better. And the negative thoughts snowball, so I make more mistakes and feel worse about myself.

And when I get in these mindsets I end up isolating myself from others and God, thinking that the world would be better off without me, and so I lose my ballast as well.

So far a song, a message, my dog have kept me from crashing all the way down and helped me climb back up the cliff and get balanced again, but sometimes I wonder how many times will I be able stop and pull myself back up?

This is the message that helped me get back up today and I pray that it is something that I can remind myself of daily to keep me from tumbling over again.

“It’s not our circumstances that determine whether today is marked by peace or panic. It’s how certain we are that we can trust God.” – Lysa Terkeurst

Most of my days are marked by panic, which implies that I am not very certain that I can trust God.

Yet if I look back, He has come through for me so many times even when things looked messy at the start. Every place I have moved to He has given me a great body of believers to be a part of. He has provided me with wonderful friends who love me for who I am and are always willing to listen to me. He had the perfect work environment and coworkers picked out for me.

How many times does He have to show me that He has a plan and has it under control before I start trusting Him?

My new resolution is going to be to do my best to start acting like I am certain that I can trust God.

I know that won’t make life easy. But it will mean I won’t waste energy and time worrying when that won’t change anything. And it will mean that I won’t spiral out of control and crash down the cliff as often.

Keep trusting God, friends. It doesn’t always look like it, but He has a wonderful plan for each of us and some day it will all make sense.